Businesses have become familiar with the different channels available for brand communication. These platforms can be individually effective but often at times can only communicate snippets about a brand – telling a story about a brand on any single platform cannot be enough; hence marketers integrate various channels to deliver their messages.

Communication media has simplified brand communication, but with the influx of messages from different brands, it has become a challenge to acquire brand recall or top-of-mind awareness for most organisations/brands.

How then can marketers leverage communication channels to achieve brand recall and/or top of mind awareness if not through storytelling?

Wouldn’t it be useful to adopt a channel that can communicate your mission statement and also makes it easy for the consumers to access? The answer is custom publishing.

Custom Publishing allows brands to have targeted, engaging communication. It creates a platform where a brand’s audience can learn, read and enjoy branded content first, without being aware that the publication carries from between 20% to 80% (depending on the type and preference of the brand) branded material; second, eliminating noise by competing brands.

This medium can be used to deliver messages about product offerings, product expansion, as well as other messages a brand wishes to communicate. A brand’s communication strategy can be shared in a style that appeals to target audiences. According to Gina Daschbach, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of PEROOZ, ‘customers will engage with free printed content for up to an hour.’ Environments such as hotels may even triple this interaction.

Custom publishing offers a platform for storytelling, through which audiences can learn and engage in a story about the brand without much noise from competitors. Customers can read and learn, without having to filter through the noise to get to where they left off.

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