Personal branding in the digital world involves many different things. Here are the most important ones:

Purpose And Passion

You need to be able to describe yourself in 20 words or less. Just think about your passion, like what lights up your soul? Make sure that you give yourself a voice. It can either be irreverent, witty, or inspirational, but create the voice that best represents you.

Social Proof

Getting your fans to trust you with reliable information is very important, so, be genuine, and people will read, follow and share your content.

As the saying goes” It takes years to build your reputation and seconds to destroy it.” So only make sure you share your genuine self or what you have achieved. Think of the most successful tennis player, Serena Williams; she finds time to share her awards the cover moments she shot with important publications, any books or wonderful campaigns she’s about to embark on, among other things. It’s not just to brag about them. It’s more to show people that what they write is important and meaningful. And people will be more enticed to read and follow them.

Social Networks

With so many different social media platforms it’s just impossible to be a regular presence in all of them. So, what you need to do is to think about what makes more sense. For example, let’s say that you have a design or fashion blog. The most interesting social media platforms should be the ones that allow you to post many different images and videos. So, going to YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest are far better choices for some than going on FaceBook or Twitter.

Building Tribes

It’s very important that you start working with your followers and fans. They are a great way to have your content shared. Even when you have a big company, you don’t have unlimited money. You need the help of your followers to share and like your content. To help you build your personal brand.

 Write A Book

When you’re looking to build a strong personal brand, there’s nothing like writing your own book. There are various networks where you can find credible ghostwriters and editors to share your story.

You need to be aware that it won’t happen overnight, but all the good things in life take time. Just think about your passions and prioritise them. Make communication one of your best skills and interact directly with your followers and fans. Let them see the real you.

Good luck!