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Brush up your online game and collaborate with teams

Legendary apps you use to boost your brand and improve communication 2020 Technology has changed the way we curate or share content a lot, making those that decided to walk on this path more efficient and readier to provide high-quality content. Today, it is easy...

Why custom publishing is still one of the most powerful tools for storytelling?

Businesses have become familiar with the different channels available for brand communication. These platforms can be individually effective but often at times can only communicate snippets about a brand - telling a story about a brand on any single platform cannot be...

Building a public persona in the digital age

Personal branding in the digital world involves many different things. Here are the most important ones: Purpose And Passion You need to be able to describe yourself in 20 words or less. Just think about your passion, like what lights up your soul? Make sure that you...


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