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Legendary apps you use to boost your brand and improve communication 2020

Technology has changed the way we curate or share content a lot, making those that decided to walk on this path more efficient and readier to provide high-quality content. Today, it is easy to be in the middle action, and there are more tools which can help in uploading and refreshing content as and when necessary. Companies have an opportunity to share updates with customers and track conversations that are taking place and identify where those customers are, and what trends apply to their specific product or service all of this in real-time. Thus, the audience is not finding news about a particular event hours after it took place, but capable of being at the right spot and the right time, due to technology and involved content curators. If you want to make sure that you’re always on top of things as a business, even when you’re on the go, here some tech breakthroughs that will help you become organised.

At the beginning of 2018, tech company, Cisco, published an article about how Diversity and broader skills mark the future of work which is why some of these apps may be the thing for you:

 Adobe Photoshop Fix

If you note something relevant to your brand or capture a critical moment during a live event? You probably want to send those images to your office as soon as possible, but you don’t want to send them unedited? Then Adobe Photoshop Fix is the App to have and use in these cases. Just do keep in mind that, too much tampering may have a negative effect or create a bad reflection on your brand or product. You can make use of features such as improving the lighting and slightly adjust angles for better visibility of the image. For personal photos, on the other hand, this App will do wonders, allowing you to even remove the items you don’t want in the picture.


If you are an iPhone user, then this is the App for you. It will help you compose amazing videos, providing valuable tips and even how-to guidance so that you will come up with stunning videos and content your audience can enjoy. Also, if you never used an app like Videolicious, you should not worry about a thing, as it provides an Academy that has a basic tutorial on how to get the most of it. The comes as a free download from the App Store with an upgrade option to unlock more features. 

Ginger software

Ginger software is the ideal App if you have to travel to a foreign country for business or leisure or you deal with a global office that you communicate with daily. Ginger can accurately act as a language translator, so you can easily communicate with your colleagues abroad as it over 60 languages different languages. This App is free and comes with a myriad of other features such as sentence structure basic grammar check and word pronunciation assist. 

Happy Curating!